Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Truths about Success

I love studying what drives people and what those 10% of highly effective and successful people do.

Here are some Truths about Success...

  • Success means living the life you adore and love
  • Success is knowing who you are and having a trust in the divine energy, god, the universe
  • Success isn't always measured by financial gain
  • Becoming financially secure I believe is having faith in  the divine energy, God or the universe, what ever you like to call it and what you believe in, but you must believe in something. 
  • Money gives you choices, and helps you help others, but its not God, and its not going to be make you happy. You have to discover the happiness and your soul purpose to make you happy.
  • Successful people have balance in their life
  • 98% of millionaires in USA have been successfully married for over twenty years
  • Successful people know how to play as well as work hard
  • Success means to dream big, as well as act, to believe as well as PLAN!
  • You can have control of your time when you are successful
  • It is possible to be a great parent and become successful
  • If you are in a relationship with the living, appreciating nature, practising gratitude everyday, loving God, the divine and universe,  happy, compassionate and forgiving  you are already successful.

My definition of Success

What is Success? Success to me is ...
Success is not Fame, money or Power.
It is when you wake up in the morning so excited about life and what you have to do that you literally fly out the door. Its getting to work with people you LOVE!
Success is connecting with the world and making people FEEL!
It's finding a way that can bind people together.
Its falling asleep at night knowing you have done the best job you can.
Success is LOVE.

Love what you do, Do what you Love!

Nicky xx

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tips on Living a Raw Food Lifestyle

Nicky’s Tips on Living a Raw Food Lifestyle

Raw Food is the ULITMATE nutrition plan. Why? You do not feel like you are on a diet when eating this way of life. Wildlife consume RAW food and have abundant of strength and energy and so can YOU!
  •    Enzymes in RAW food makes digestion so

much easier, so the body has more energy for
other functions like DETOXIFICATION. It is
recommended to detoxify and cleanse your
system at least 4-6 times pr year.

  •     Raw Food heals the body… research shows when

on a raw food diet, tumors have been known
to reduce in size, but when cooked food was
consumed the tumors would again begin to grow.

  •    If Raw food can heal, then it can obviously


  •     We need raw oils and fats in the diet to help

produce hormones and maintain a healthy
nervous system. Eat foods abundant in
Omega 3, 6, 9.

  •     Never cook Walnuts. Cooking omega 3 foods

turns their oil into harmful trans-fatty acids. The
same applies to oily fish which contain omega 3.
Always cook fish on very low heat.
  •    Give thanks to your food and thanking our

creator for the abundance that has been
  •    Most green vegetables contain some omega 3

as do walnuts and linseeds.
  •    Learn to eat a wide variety of food, mono diets

are not healthy and over dosing in one food will
eventually cause the body to suffer to some
  •     Learn to become intuitive with what your body

needs. Listen, be calm and ask yourself what
you really feel like. Pregnant women usually
develop strong desires for certain foods and
this is because the body is intuitively providing
the body and child with nutrients it needs.
  •    Follow the seasons, this helps you have a wide

variety of nutrients throughout the year and
optimal health. It ensures we do not overdose
on one food.
  •    Traditionally cooked foods that can be RAW

eg: Beetroot, pumpkin and even sweet potatoes
can be shredded and eaten raw if mixed with a
suitable dressing such as lemon juice, vinegar,
herbs and a little olive oil.
  •    Most nuts can go rancid 4 months after shelling

unless refrigerated. The nuts found in our
supermarkets are usually rancid and not fit
for our consumption.
  •     Vegetarians and Raw Fooders who are largely

vegetarian will probably be low in Vitamin B12.
It has been estimated that 92% of vegetarians
are B12 deficient. Take a vitamin everyday that
includes B12 .
  •     Be creative with your food. Try new recipes

including raw food. The Sky is the limit when it
comes to Raw Live Food. Have fun and don’t
use time as an EXCUSE! This way of eating is
not only healthier it is quicker, easier and FUN!


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Nicky x

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What are your Core Values?

Did you know happier people are healthier, energetic, less likely to get sick, have stronger immune systems, have better loving relationships, and successful people are happy, happy people are successful. 
Women tend to experience their all-time lowest life satisfaction at 37 and men typically experience it at 42  however from facts and research we know it is up to ourselves to create our own happiness. 

Our birth right is to live a happy, blissful and healthy life, yet some many are held back by allowing pain, fear, anger, frustration and resentment into our beings. Learning to release these emotions helps us on our path to finding our inner purpose. Although we are not given a magical road map along the way. It is up to us to recognise the right signs to lead us to total bliss and fulfilment.

I believe meditation or just sitting in stillness for a period of time each morning before you start your day will help yo on your journey, as it has helped me. It is seeking a higher consciousness. To seek enlightenment, follow love, spontaneity, give to others, trust in the process, listen to your intuition, and take time out to smell the roses and appreciate all the goodness helps you realise happiness is always there. Be courageous to fit back into your day the things that make you happy.

Ask yourself what are your CORE values, what is important to you. Are you spending enough time  with those things, maybe family, exercise, singing, dancing, writing. If not then you are not following your core value. For me my core values are clear. My family are first and I do what ever I can to spend quality time each day with my family, then I am happy, my other core value is teaching and practising yoga. So it is simple for me, when I can start my day off by giving to my family, making a special breakfast, walking to school, practising yoga, I feel happy, alive and fulfilled, when I teach I for invigorated, inspired and happy, when I don't I feel like something is MISSING!

It is important to define and spend time writing down your goals and what makes you happy. When you do this you have what it takes within you to make your life work for you.

When you are aware of what you are doing or how you choosing to react to the challenge of your life, you will control your ultimate success and who you become along the way. Thinking and asking yourself questions demands silence, stillness, contemplation. Give yourself some time today to be in silence without technology or the need to be doing. This maybe 10-20mins.
How To be a Happier Mum now on itunes.. great little daily reminders for you to read from your phone.

A woman who has never had children before could not even begin to know what it feels like to be a Mum. We go through so much change and give so much of ourselves everyday, it can be easy to lose sight of who you are and what makes you truly fulfilled and happy. When you are a mum you learn to have so much compassion  and appreciation for our own mother's.  

Mother's Deserve to be happy, we spend so much time giving. In my book How to be a happier Mum gives you simple tools and techniques to help cultivate an unlimited supply of self love and happiness you deserve. It is your time to shine.

Love and light 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aim for Balance

I love what Yoga teaches me on my mat and off my may. What we learn about ourselves can be taken to our outside world.
Something I have aimed for throughout my journey and life is balance. Having healthy ambition is not to push ourselves so hard that we are incapable of having a balanced life but also not to slacken right off and take it too easy.
From my discovery and self realisation on what it means to live a  happy, successful and productive life   means aiming for balance.
Old self limiting beliefs can occur such as 'Successful people are always busy' Try adopting a new belief today 'Successful people live a life they love and are at peace with it.'

Self- development takes you on a self discovery journey. It is easy to get caught up with life and old negative self limiting beliefs. There seems like a fine line between striving so hard to the your edge and slacking off. You can practice this in your yoga workouts, going to your edge but knowing when to ease off before the risk of injury. It is helpful to know your edge and aim for a healthy balanced ambition. So whether you are like me with lots of drive or a person who lacks it you can become aware of aiming for the balance. Maybe you need to push a little harder and let go of excuses that prop up in the mind such as ' I don't have time' or  'I can't do this' Changing mindset is the key to live the life you dream.

In our yoga philosophy to attain a balanced ambition your goal should not harm others or living things, not running over people in attempt to get ahead and not harming yourself and others when trying to accomplish things.
Maybe you have to change how you go about pursing a goal, perhaps shifting the time frame to achieve the goal, become mindful of how it may affect others.

My tip is to focus on the process, not the outcome. In yoga terms this is practising non-attachment.

1. Have clear defined goals
2. Map out where and how to get there
3. Look at a realistic time frame
4. Be mindful of your drive or lack of it, aim for a healthy balance daily
5. Believe in yourself and your goal and let go of the need for it to happen today... be patient.

Set your intention clearly and live your life accordingly with Love Peace Excitement  Joy!

Stretch your body and mind to your edge with awareness to know what your edge... you will receive an opening to your heart and mind to allow success happiness joy love to flow!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Raw Food Chocolate

Easter my favorite time of the year!

 As a kid I loved chocolate, and all the fluff that came with it at Easter time. My childhood Easter memories still bring a smile to my face. Traditionally we would travel to the serene country town in Central Otago called Alexandra, NZ to  stay with my Auntie and Uncle. Mum traditionally gave us flannelet pj's and a one large cake of chocolate along with some marsh mellow eggs in all different colored foil wrap. We would receive our eggs on Sunday. I remember keeping the foils and smoothing them out neatly and saving them.

Waiting for Sunday was exciting. We always had a magical time at my auntie and uncles house.  Surrounded by mountains and rock it is beautiful tranquil country land.  On their  property was a big hill you could climb, in Australia you would call it a mountain. On the hill is a massive rock, which was named the 'Thinking Rock'. The rock was there anytime anyone needed time out to connect with ones self. In those days there were many cousins, second cousins, all the aunts and uncles, we were a big family. I gravitated to the rock frequently in my childhood years, the rock provided serenity and a time to feel grounded and connected to my spiritual self.  My brother and I spent hours up the hill trying to catch Easter bunny rabbits. It was and still is a time for my family back home to come together and just be!

Today the purpose of Easter has much greater meaning for me than waiting for chocolate! It is a time to connect with heart and mind. It is a time to be still, and quiet, connect with nature, family and appreciate all we have in our life today.

We all know the story of Jesus and the moment of 'resurrection' to rise or rise from the dead; bring or be brought back to life. 
I like  to see Easter  as a time to remember that moment where Jesus 'came alive' in our hearts and mind. This can be a  time to practice the teachings from Jesus, coming alive in hearts and minds. Maybe it  can be a time  to practice the teachings of heart and mind everyday and ' come alive' so we can find peace, harmony, joy, serenity and the meaning of life eternal and of immeasurable life, that life stands beyond time.

This is a time to rejoice in love and light, a time to be grateful, joyful, and spend family time connecting and appreciating one another with a compassionate and forgiving heart, what ever the past or present. It is a time to let go and 'come alive' together.

Since my journey of yoga and healthy eating began many years ago now, Easter is not about eating chocolate for me. I say no to chocolate and yes to healthy food, love and gratitude. This Easter why not make homemade healthy chocolates so you can give them away to your loved ones. You can receive much pleasure in the making and giving rather than the eating and binging!

Allow Easter  to represents Family togetherness with Love and Joy and 'come alive' in our hearts and mind.

Namaste Nicky xx

Here are my tips for a Raw Healthy Easter this year.

1/2 cup Almonds
1/2 cup LSA
6x fresh dates
1 tblsp Flax seed oil
1 tblsp  chia seeds
1 tblsp Agave 
3 tblsp Raw Cacao powder

Blend all ingredients in the processor until smooth
Roll into small  balls and put in cupcake patties, freeze

1 tbsp Coconut oil
1 tbsp agave
1 tbsp  raw cacao powder
1 tbsp cacao butter
melt in saucepan until runny

Pour carefully over truffles and return to freezer

Egg love hearts

Craft for the kids 

Make it fun and not always about the eating, but the creating and giving. Say no to buying artificial chocolates today... if you must buy chocolate search for healthy options like dark chocolate, raw vegan, no artificial or preservatives. 

The Thinking Rock... Alexandra, NZ

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conquer Fear

The reality of fear is it is part of every person's life. Fear is human. It exists in us all; in
every success story and it is part of growing. In fact if we look at the times we fear, 
often it can be a time we are propelled back to our creator. In this moment faith is drawn forward.
Fear can be channeled into a gift. It was instilled into us to keep you safe and lead you to
faith. When fear is faced we have two choices, to run or to embrace.
We were all born with fear of falling, fear of loud noises fear of abandonment and these
three inborn fears were intended for means of protection. However many of us use fear as
destruction rather than a gift.

Tips to overcome fear and cultivate faith

1. Recognize negative emotion when fear pops up. Be mindful of your thoughts.

2. What are your actions? Stay calm and connect with breath.

3. Practice affirmations. Take the fear and change it into a positive affirmation eg ' I have
lost my job and never get another one like it' Change to ' Even though I have lost my job, I
am open to a new job that offers me a golden opportunity'

4. Change your beliefs. Your belief system is the driving force behind your behaviors and
your results.

5. When you change your beliefs, it helps change your actions, to get better results.

6. React with intelligence rather than instincts. Most people react instinctively to their fear
by running from it, ignoring or sabotaging. Use the magnificence of the brain and react with
an intelligent mind.

Every small positive change we make repays us in confidence and cultivates faith to
diminish fear. Fear helps you grow.