Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Raw Chocolates

Easter and chocolate do go together.  But as you know not all chocolate is good for you.
Aim for Chocolate - cacao in its natural state. If you make it yourself using my Raw Chocolate recipe you know it is as natural as you can get it with no additives or colourings. 

I recently visited a Chocolate shop, and was intrigued by their home made chocolates and all variety from milk, white and to the darkest pure bitter chocolate. Of course I bought the darkest pure I could find, it was 90% dark and it did taste a little bitter.

I had a conversation with the owner of the store about CACAO  chocolate rather than chocolate made from COCOA, notice the spelling difference. She had never heard of CACAO which I find it very hard to believe. How can you have a chocolate shop and not know about CACAO. The owner of the shop makes beautiful hand made chocolates  for her stores and was very knowledgeable about chocolate and the best quality and process of making fine chocolate. Her chocolates are divine. 

So off I went to research and learn more about the CACAO and the bean. 

Cocoa is derived  from the Cocao bean. 

It's native South Americaand is often referred to as a super food. Along with my wonder seed Chia. 

Cacao beans come from the Cacoa tree, Theobroma cacoa to give its botanical name and interesting Therobroma translates from the Greek as 'Food of the gods' 

So why is the dark chocolate so good for you when it is as close to its natural state as possible?

  • Cacoa beans are a high rich source of antioxidants. However, cacoa beans are most often roasted and in this process they lose some of the nutrients. This processed form is called Cocoa.
  • Both Cacao and Cocoa are high in antioxidants, but cooking destroys their valuable substances and by adding milk inhibits their absorption.
  • Cacoa/Cocoa contains Theobromine, which is a bitter alkaloid that is similar to caffeine. Theobromine helps to dilate blood vessels and is a natural circulatory stimulant encouraging the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body including the brain, which helps with mental clarity and memory. Never fear Theobromine is not addictive. 
  • Theobromine can also help smooth muscles, and has been proven to reduce symptoms of asthma and lower blood pressure.
  • A Harvard Medical School also show that by consuming large amounts of Cacao/Cocoa it can significally  lower rates of Heart Disease and cancer
  • Magnesuim- Many people are deficient in Magnesium. A vitamin that plays a big role in bone health, heart health and is essential for over 280 biochemical reactions that take place in your body.
  • Studies show being deficient in Magnesium can increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke, type ll diabetes and osteoporosis. One of nature's richest sources of Magnesium is, you guessed it CACAO. 100 grams of cacao contains about 550 mg of magnesium.
It questions me, could this explain why sometimes you crave chocolate... you may be deficient in magnesium and I say time and time again in my workshops and seminars, we simply can not get enough magnesium from our food because often the soil today is deficient. 

So over Easter enjoy my Healthy Raw Chocolates that I know will serve your body not rob it of nutrients.

Tip for mastering the Easter temptations. 

  1.  Be prepared- have your home made RAW chocolates ready in the freezer
  2. Commit to saying no to processed chocolate and Milk chocolate. If you can not make it, then reach for the  most darkest  and organic Chocolate possible. 
  3. Plan well. Make home made chocolates for your special ones and rather than it going in your mouth share the LOVE of this QUALITY CHOCOLATE. 
                                                             Nicky's Raw Chocolates

                                                        2 Tablespoon coconut oil
                                                        2 Tablespoon cacao powder
                                                        2 Tablespoon agave 
                                                        pinch sea salt

For vanilla Chocolates add a half a vanilla bean. Decorate with cranberries.


Melt the coconut in a saucepan. Pour into a bowl,
add other ingredients and mix. Spoon into cupcake patties and freeze until ready.

Chocolate Balls


 1 cup almonds
2 tablespoons cacoa powder
2 tablespoons agave
3 fresh dates, or extra agave
1 tablespoon water

Blend all ingredients in a food processor until well
blended. Roll in to little balls. Place 1 tablespoon
cacao in a bowl and roll balls in the cacao as a
chocolate dusting.
Store in freezer. Delicious served with fresh
strawberries or on its own with a green tea.

Finally we are celebrating the new book release 'Cooking with Chia' where you can order in any leading book stores or department stores today and find more YUMMY healthy desserts. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog on Cacao and it healing powers. 

Happy Healthy Easter

Stay safe and healthy

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to have a Peak Performance Mind and Body

I have just finished week three of my peak performance detox and reaping the rewards of unlimited energy and a calm and positive mindset.

If you have been following the last few blogs you would have read the recent changes I have made to my nutrition, and routine.

My online 10 week mind and body program is very similar. Particularly with the nutrition. Trying to aim for wheat free, gluten free and easing off red meats, and diary. Many health benefits come with this way of life. Scientifically and medically proven along with healing yoga postures you can do in the comfort of your own home.
However the mind and body herbal medicine has been helping me detox and cleanse my entire internal body inside out.

They say it takes three weeks to create a new habit, and it is true. I now wake up excitedly looking forward to my plate of veges, salad, dips or home made gluten free crisp bread.

I am enjoying whizzing up a new dip each morning made from chick peas, or beans. I have been also making my own Taziki made from natural yogurt or goats yoghurt's for toppings and spreads for the salad and crispbread. Food that fuels my body for my day ahead.

Part of my detox process has been resting the digestive system for 16 hrs. This means I have my last meal in the afternoon. If you are wanting a consultation with my amazing Dr Rama Prasad who is a specialist in the Mind and Body Medicine please contact him on 0425233426 or email
It may be one of the best steps you have taken towards quick starting your body again to renewed energy. Or check out my online program to help you make a start.

It has been so rewarding and exciting how great I feel and I want to share some of the benefits from the detox and cleanse process. For me I thought I was feeling healthy and energised but it has taught me how true it is that most people are not at their FULL POTENTIAL and I had fallen into thinking I was healthy and energised. But slowly things had slipped after a very emotional and challenging past year and unfortunately an acidic body does not necessary  mean it has tom come from the wrong food. Acidity can come from stress. It is vital to rid stress out of the body, I refer to it as stagnant energy. Then you can feel like your are moving forward and free of all pain.


  • Increase energy
  • Improved digestive system
  • Better sleep
  • Waking up energised and light, no heavy feeling, or sluggish
  • Clear skin- feel like I have had a facial
  • Increased happiness 
  • Positive Mindset
  • Eliminate sugar cravings and any food cravings, not hungry at all
  • Increased physical training rewards 
  • Better Focus
  • Increased concentration
  • Mental and Physical peak performance
My new Raw Food book is released April 7th 

Next workshop including Yoga Meditation and cooking session April 6th Please email to book today.

Love and light 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mind Body Herbal Medicine Journey

If you read my previous blog from my week one following my total detox mind and body program with Dr Rama Prasad you will be interested to know week two the energy is was unleashed and mental clarity is flowing.

How can a tired sore struggling body one week transform into  a peak performance the next. My entire Mind and Body feels different. 
The physical body has gone from sore and struggling and in my training I am able to train with intensity and focus. This is allowing me to go from strength to strength and I can feel the progression in my training each session. The mind is not fighting and is more positive when the tough gets tough.
I can see and feel the difference in my digestive system. The bloated feeling is gone, I am feeling lighter, leaner and more energised, all of what Dr Rama Prasad promised. 

One of the key things I have learnt is you may think you body is healthy and happy but until you do a detox you learn so much more about your body. I had toxins in my body that needed to come out. My system was a little acidic, even though I claim to eat a very healthy alkaline based diet. How could this be? Its the dreaded word 'Stress' I have learnt though my practice of Yoga and Meditation and Yoga nutrition you just have to get rid of the stress.

I spoke for the Leukaemia Foundation this week and had great pleasure getting to know some of the patients struggles. One lady shared with me she thought she was never a stressed person, but after her research into the her disease she shared with me from her reading and knowledge, it comes from stress. She also said to me with such depth and meaning ' I don't want to be stressed or live with stress' 

Managing stress is something we need to continue to learn to manage on a daily basis. From my experience Yoga, meditation and practising relaxation has helped me let go of stress, and manage  the challenges that can occur in our life. 

It all becomes so logical and clear when you get a good understanding of how the body works, especially our digestive system. If we eat with adrenalin running around our body, or in a stressed state, how can I body process this easily. 

It is important to eat your food slowly and in a positive mindset. It was something I learnt in Bali from the Balinese, to bless your food with gratitude, be calm and around nature. 

When the sunsets I often listen to the birds chirping and preparing themselves to fly off home, its something I remember my mum telling me as a child. She would say ' Listen to the birds, they are all flying off home to prepare for bed' and then in the morning what do we hear, the birds are back and awake chirping and excited about their day, they wake with the sunrise.
Living a natural life aligned to nature helps us understand how the human body can work in its best optimum peak state. The best sleep you will ever get is  researched and scientifically proven it is between 10pm-2am. How many people do you know still up at 10pm- 12 pm. They are missing a whole 2 hrs of quality sleep.

I am in week 3 of my cleanse and I really can't express how amazing I feel. The energy is increasing everyday and there are no low energy periods in my day. I feel vibrant energised and excited about my life and journey. I am not hungry, feel leaner but not focusing on weight loss, but more mental clarity, energy and the cleansing of toxins and releasing any acidity from my internal body. The weight loss seems to be helping my Bikram training and I feel more in a peak performance state, as my training session are becoming more powerful and positive everyday. The negative self talk of not being good enough for this BIKRAM training has gone. Even though it is known BIKRMA tries to break you down and if you don't think you need to be broken apparently you do!

Best of all my body is waking up before my alarm and I feel peaceful and energised to start my day at the crack of dawn with the birds. 

Previously I would do some writing or meditation before I would eat my breakfast. While I am on this cleanse I am doing a mini meditation and straight up to prepare my breakfast, then write.

I would like to share this crisp bread recipe. Because I am on grain free, I miss my breads and this is such a nutritious and satisfying recipe. Preventive health is the way to go adding mindset exercises and Yoga nutrition will get your body in a peak performance and a zest back to your life. 

Note: Be aware it will get your bowls moving, remember a healthy body should be going at least 3-4 times pr day, and should be fluffy and floaty, not sinky and stinky. 

                                                   Quinoa and Kale Crisp bread

1 cup Kale
1/2 cup fresh basil
1 cup pre cooked quinoa ( I use the dark seed)
2 cups LSA
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1 tsp cumin
1 tspn oregano
1/2 tspn sea salt
1tsp olive oil
1/3 warm water

Process kale, basil, cumin, oil, salt, oregano first add to a large bowl. Process sunflower seeds (or you can add pumpkin seeds) just until forms fine crumbles, add to bowl, add LSA and water, mix well until forms a dough consistency. Be careful with water, add slowly as you mix, you may need more or less. Line out large flat baking tray with baking paper, press mixture out then use another sheet of baking paper to go on top, roll out with a rolling pin on top of the baking paper, so it does not stick, roll out fine, aim for a fine flat bread.

You can dehydrate or bake on a low heat 100 degree for 15- 20 min. Be careful not over cook, it does not take long and is easy to burn. I bake for 10-15 mins and then turn oven off for 5, it usually dries it out nicely. Cut with pizza cutter into nice square and top with avocado, salad, hummus, or just plain Vegemite or a home made fresh jam.

Benefits of Quinoa.

Quinoa  comes from a seed, so it is grain free, people often think it is a grain. So it is gluten and grain free. A great source of protein, fibre , iron. Contains lysine, which is known for tissue growth and repair. Rich in Magnesium, Magnesium helps to relax blood vessels and thereby to alleviate migraines. Magnesium also may reduce Type 2 diabetes by promoting healthy blood sugar control. Other health benefits of magnesium include transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, detoxification , energy production, and the formation of healthy bones and teeth.
High in riboflavin (B2) and high in manganese - an oxidant which can help prevent damage of the mitochondria during energy production as well as protect red blood cells and other cells by injury by free radicals.
 sourced from

March workshop was a great success and sell out. Details below for our next Workshop April 6th 9am-1pm Lunch included with Cooking session you will LOVE! To book email nicky@nickyarthur today

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Amazing Ayurveda Detox

Ayurveda Peak Health for Peak Performance

When I studied Yoga, I learnt about this fascinating holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. As many of you know I have been on my own personal to cleaning up my own nutrition and life style. What makes me laugh now; looking back I thought I was healthy. I thought I was living a rather healthy life style.  There were many habits I had fallen into without even realizing.  
Becoming a Yoga teacher has helped me evolve, grow and learn so much more about the human body and learn so many of us are at our full potential of what we could be.

After bringing a regular meditation and yoga practice into my life, I naturally gave up drinking alcohol, nearly four years ago now and have stopped eating any processed foods.
My sugar cravings have gone, and now don't need a chunk of dark chocolate at night to satisfy my cravings. 

Over the past year I have had the great pleasure to get to know Dr Rama Prasad who is a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine.

One week ago I had a meeting with Dr Rama Prasad to discuss our up and coming workshops together, to help bring awareness to this peak performance way of living to my followers. At the end of the meeting Dr Rama Prasad took one look into my mouth, read my tongue, told me everything that was possibly going on with my body, in which later that week I found out that to be true.

Rama first recommended me to start easing off my nighttime meal, and ease off food from later afternoon and take magnesium oxide that is a colon cleanse.
Note: Ayurvedic is scientifically and medically proven, it suggests by resting the digestive system for 16 hrs it is helping to detox and purify the system and heal the digestive system. 

  The next day I started to follow his instructions. After four days I had lost 1 kilo and started to feel quite sore in the muscles, bear in mind I am doing Bikram yoga most days. I felt very tired and almost lethargic and sluggish like he described I was. Had he just woken me up to how my body actually was functioning and bringing awareness to it. I had put it down to the intense training in Bikram I was doing, leading up for my teacher-training course in Los Angeles in 6 weeks time.
Some of my Bikram practices were becoming harder, and started to feel sick in the class. My mind started to play games with me and the monkey mind went off in all sorts of tangents questioning if this was not a path I should be taking, even though my hearts desire really wants to become a teacher. My mind was telling me cutting out the meals is not working for me, I have no energy, and so on.
Thank fully I had a consultation booked with Dr Rama on the forth day of starting my cleanse. He said to stick with what I was doing as it is all part of the cleansing process. I started to take the magnesium oxide at night to start the flushing process. It works overnight and when you wake at 6am you have a massive clean out of the bowels. The next day I felt even worse. I had booked a massage, had a hot both and rested from Bikram. My monkey mind was still playing games but I stayed with the program.
One thing I had noticed happening was no cravings at all. I eat a big breakfast and lunch consisting of vegetables, nuts or seeds, grain free. I eat fruit in between meals and after 2pm no food. I found myself wanting a peach or piece of fruit later afternoon, sometime early evening at the beginning. Dr Rama suggested to ease into this and it was ok if I had something small, and to listen to my body, and don't go hungry.
The next day I got up early cooked a big raw food breakfast along with some seeded crisp-bread, that is gluten free, grain free. I felt so full and struggled to eat all of it. Two hrs later I went to my class and again felt really sick throughout the class.
I really wanted to leave, and felt like I should not have come. If you know Bikram, you are not allowed to leave the class once it’s started, BIkram says never give up, and even when you are feeling sick you have to stay in the room. The theory is this is part of the detoxing process and the sign of sickness means you are cleansing toxins out. I couldn't help but think, was my body this toxic, I thought I was healthy!

After the class I had to contact Dr Rama about my symptoms, I really need some help and some answers. I was wondering if this was not suiting my body and my training. My mind was fearful if I continue like this leading up to LA, how would I cope with 5 hrs Bikram a day for 6 days a week!
Dr Rama called me back straight away, even on a Sunday. He explained what was going on with my body, and reassured me this can be normal for some people he are cleansing toxins out of their system. 
He also explained the sick and bloated feeling was a sign that the toxins are coming out, but the feeling of sickness means they can be filling back up in the body, and we need to get them out. 

I could not believe the next step and this is why I wanted to share with you.

Dr Rama advised me to drink one liter of cold water with 100mls of boiling water and two teaspoons of salt, drink it as fast as I could standing in the bathroom. He asked me to massage my tummy firmly once I had drunk all of the water; until you guessed it I vomit.
I did exactly what he said and it all went to plan. My insides where being literally cleansed. There seemed to be bucket loads of water. After the task was done. I cleaned my teeth and started to feel a sense of calm in my tummy. It was not long after this I took a hot bath for the sore muscles, and then within 30 minutes there was a huge unleash of energy. I felt completely energized.
The rest of the day I was able to go and teach a yoga class feeling really energized and no sore muscles or tummy. I felt positive calm and centered.
The next day the energy kept on coming, while the energy was high I was able to do a back to back Bikram class as part of my preparation for the Teacher Training course coming up.
I had one of my best classes ever, and I was able to fly through the second class with positive and calm energy. I felt in a very meditative state and felt like the struggle was over with myself and my body from the past week of de-toxing and cleansing. I was in peak performance and challenging myself all the way, with mental clarity. 

Yet it is early days yet and  today is a good day in Mind Body and Soul. I hope I never have to experience that bloated, nauseated feeling.
After the back-to-back class to day my yoga teacher also explained when taking up the challenge of practicing Bikrma everyday these symptoms of the body feeling sore can also come up. They also say the nausea is a sign of cleansing toxins out of the internal body.
She also said it was a positive thing for me to experience this while I am here and not IN Los Angeles so if it happens while I am miles away from home and my loved ones I will know what is going on with my body and know how to cope with it.
So one week down with Dr Rama Prasad and to date I have lost 2 kilos, but as Dr Rama will highlight, its not about the weight it about the mental clarity that will come and the cleansing of the body. To be honest the 2 kilos lighter feels great when you are twisting and folding your body in half. It seems a little more comfortable and I am learning how much my body had become toxic and bloated. I eat healthy but in 2012 I experienced a very stressful year, and its my understanding we just have to find a way to rid any stress or fatigue out of the human body, for longevity and preventative health. Here I thought I was doing this to help prepare my body for Los Angeles but I am learning there is so much more why I have been lead to do this de-tox and restore my digestive system. After slipping into bad habits and eating on the run, not chewing my food slowly has shown me why my digestive system needed help. I know chew each mouthful 30-40 times. Think about it next time you eat, it will bring awareness to how fast you are gobbling down you food. 

I will be blogging about this Auyreveda and Bikram challenge over the next few months so if you want to read my story and keep updated please follow my blog by clicking the follow button on the right hand screen.  Stay connected to me while I prepare for maybe the greatest challenges I have to date and while I am in LA.
If you have any question please email me or stay connected via facebook

I hope you enjoyed this honest and thorough story of my journey so far with Dr Rama Prasad. I believe when you are awakened to life, you meet people along your journey to help you and the right books, program, teachers and people start to show up along the way.
I am very grateful for Dr Rama's help and guidance, I feel safe and secure to listen and follow through with his instructions. Thank you Rama. 
If you wan a consultation with Dr Rama you can check out his website. He travels all around Australia and also has phone call and skype sessions available. It may be one of the best things  you do for your health and internal body. 

Ayurveda Peak Health for Peak Performance

Love and Light
 Nicky xx